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  • Dawn Archbold

The Balancing Act

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Just like 'Thinking Outside the Box' and 'Dog & Pony Show' which preceded it, 'Creating a Healthy Work/Life Balance' is the new buzz phrase. I automatically dislike these overused terms whenever I hear them and try desperately not to use them, but recently I've learned this one actually has a bit of meat behind it.

As someone who used to run the rat race of working 60 hour weeks, taking care of a family, upkeep of a home, and never finding the time or energy to exercise, I now enjoy a healthy balance between work and play. Of course, I had to give up my career as a nonprofit professional in order to do it, but there are definitely ways to get there in your life without having to take such drastic measures.

Though I have never been a 'job hopper', generally sticking with an employer for at least 10 years, I did hold four (4) positions which allowed me to gain some incredibly marketable skills. This well-rounded skill set allowed me to open the doors to my virtual support business in July 2016.

My new career lets me to work with the people I want to work with AND set my own schedule. For me, that means rising out of bed at 4:45 AM, working until 1 PM, then getting outside until about 3:30 PM. Then it's back to the computer to finish out my day around 5:00 PM. I have done this consistently for almost a year now, missing only an occasional day due to a blizzard or downpour. These 2+ hours of 'outside time' has changed my entire life in amazing ways. Walking, biking, kayaking, swimming, or simply meeting friends for coffee has made my work days so much more enjoyable.

In closing, while I absolutely would love for you to clear a few hours of your weekly work schedule and hire me to give you a hand, this is not a shameless plug for your business. Rather, it's a reminder that life is too short to sit behind a computer screen all day. Make the changes necessary in your schedule to do what makes you happy every single day. It will change your life in so many unexpected and positive ways you'll wonder what took you so long to get there.

My new dancing!!

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