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One of my ongoing clients referred 802 Cleanout Services to me when they decided to formalize their business.  I designed their logo, created an informative website, and created a Facebook presence.  They provide top to bottom clean-out of your residence, office building, whatever! Super nice and down to earth people, if you need to haul out, give them a call!
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Manosh Commercial Real Estate wanted an easy-to-navigate website that highlighted their rental and 'build to suit' properties, as well as available rentals. 

I thought an industrial design might work well for their needs.  The site is user-friendly and easy to update as new rental opportunities become available.  I continue to provide ongoing website maintenance.

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Jay Kennedy's Porch Portraits - 1,000 Miles 1,000 Smiles:  When the pandemic began, Jay started traveling the state looking to capture people in their natural element during COVID-19.  I saw incredible value in documenting the stories behind the images and contacted Jay about partnering on a series of books about the positive affects of the virus on Vermonters (yes, there were some positives!).  This website compiles many beautiful images of individuals, families, pets, and even a few surprises, like a wedding, engagement, and a prom.

UPDATE:  Sadly, Jay took his own life in November 2021.  Our community misses him dearly.  We're all thankful for the many incredible portraits we have as a memory of a very generous and talented man.  #tightlinesinheaven

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  If you are feeling alone, desperate or depressed, please call 988 and talk with someone. 

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And of course, I designed this site! I wanted it to reflect my personality, my love for simplicity (get to the point!), and my love for the outdoors and the beautiful State of Vermont. 

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